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The Fellowship Intensive

The Aesthetic Intelligence Fellowship in Advanced Facial Aesthetics collates all aspects of our renowned Fellowship into an intensive 4-day program. Designed to enhance your knowledge, refine your patient assessment and treatment planning skills, and perfect your techniques, this program aims to give you the confidence to become an advanced practitioner in facial aesthetic

4 days

Next Session:

14th - 17th October 2024




Courses designed to boost your confidence

This course is verified for 8 hours of CPD for your development
Expert Trainers
Gain expert guidance from our skilled trainers including Dr Ayad
Support & Community
Access to our emergency support group on Whatsapp
Practical Experience
Treat your own model under our expert supervision
Small Groups
No more than 3 per group with an opportunity to see multiple cases
Evidence Based
Understand current concepts of treatment and how to achieve the perfect nose results

What we cover


Course Overview

Aims & Objectives
  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of the underlying injection anatomy of the full face, integrating clinical experience and research literature.
  • Identify and address aesthetic challenges that may present themselves in various facial aesthetic procedures, encompassing risk factors, anatomical variations, and ethnic considerations.
  • Engage in discussions regarding patient selection and meticulous treatment planning for a variety of facial aesthetic procedures.
  • Observe facial aesthetic procedures performed by Dr. Ayad Harb and fellow delegates.
  • Conduct supervised facial aesthetic treatments on live models, fostering hands-on experience.
  • Acquire knowledge on mitigating risks of adverse events and complications in facial aesthetic procedures formulating strategies and protocols for managing both common and severe aesthetic complications.

Key Features
  • Led by Dr. Ayad Harb, our Intensive Fellowship ensures an optimal learning experience with small group sizes ranging from 3 to 6 students.
  • The training takes place at our state of the art facility, providing a safe, conducive environment for learning.
  • Comprehensive training covers in-depth facial injection anatomy, detailed injection techniques, and treatment demonstrations through educative lectures, live demonstrations and hands-on practise.
  • Hands-on practice, under supervision by Dr Ayad Harb and faculty members, allows delegates to refine their skills.
  • Delegates are encouraged to bring their own patient models whenever possible to facilitate follow-up and continuity of care however, we know that this isn't always possible so we are happy to assist where possible.
  • Breakfast and lunch will be provided, ensuring participants are fueled throughout the day.

Day Agenda

Our day starts at 09:30am with breakfast, ready to start training from 10am onwards and finishing no later than 17:00pm.

General overview:

Day 1: Nose Masterclass - Master non-surgical rhinoplasty techniques, focusing on reshaping and contouring for harmonious, natural-looking enhancement.
Day 2: Mid-Face & Tear Trough - Mid Face and Tear Trough - Specialising in rejuvenating the mid-face and tear trough areas, learning precision techniques for volume restoration and wrinkle reduction.
Day 3: Lower Face - Exploring a range of applications for the lower face, enhancing contours and dressing age-related volume loss.
Day 4: Complications & Graduation - Analysing complications in depth that may arise during aesthetic procedures, formulating strategies and protocols for managing both common and severe aesthetic complications

Entry Requirements
  • Professional Qualification: Applicants must have a medical, dental, nursing, or clinical pharmacy qualification, accompanied by relevant professional registration with the GMC, GDC, NMC, or GPhC.
  • Foundational Training: Foundation training with a recognised training body is essential for entry. Candidates must have a proven track record of injecting.
  • Experience & Independence: Delegates must be confident and comfortable administering injectables independently. Previous experience with injectables is necessary, and familiarity with using a micro-cannula is preferred

Hotel & Stay

The course is being held at Aesthetic Intelligence HQ:

The Universal Building

364 Kensington High Street, London

W14 8NS

For participants traveling from outside London, we suggest arriving the evening before the course to ensure you are well-rested and prepared for the session. We highly recommend the Hilton Hotel, Olympia, as it is conveniently located near our academy.

Other FAQs
  • What time does the day start?
    The day is scheduled to run from 09:00 until 16:00
  • Will I receive a certificate of attendance or continuing education credits?
    Yes, our course is accredited and verified for 8 hours towards your CPD for personal development.
  • What should I bring with me to the event?
    Appropriate clothing for the hands-on supervised practise, your model and yourself!
  • Are models provided for the hands-on supervised practice?
    Delegates are encouraged to bring their own patient models whenever possible to facilitate follow-up and continuity of care. However, we can certainly provide models or participants travelling from abroad or far away.
  • How do we get access to the preferential room rates at the W Hotel for delegates attending the masterclass?
    Please get in touch with us on and we will be happy to share.
  • How can I contact the event organisers if I have further questions or concerns?
    Please get in touch with us on and we will be happy to help!

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Our Upcoming Dates

Next session
14th October
The Fellowship Intensive
364 Kensington High Street, W14 8NS


To achieve certification from Aesthetic Intelligence, attendees must successfully complete course requirements, demonstrating proficiency in both theory and practice. Throughout the course, active participation and hands-on engagement are essential. Post-completion, attendees receive a certificate, signifying their expertise. Moreover, our courses are structured to grant Continuous Professional Development (CPD) hours, ensuring professionals not only enhance their skills but also meet their annual learning requirements seamlessly.

Certificate One
Certificate Two

What our practitioners have to say

James Harrington

Dr. Ayad's presentation, particularly on the assessment and anatomy section, was exceptionally articulate and insightful. His approachable manner and clear dedication to teaching shone through, offering a wealth of experience to his audience. His method of explaining complex topics in an easy-to-understand way is commendable and highly beneficial.

Elizabeth Thompson

The course was outstanding. The lecturer demonstrated a deep knowledge of anatomy and delivered a masterclass that was nothing short of extraordinary. It presented a great opportunity to learn and think critically about facial dermal fillers. The experience was both enriching and enlightening.

Michael Richardson

The training excellently provided clear, concise information for optimal product selection in various facial areas. It greatly reinforced and expanded my previous knowledge, substantially boosting my confidence in practice. This comprehensive course has become an invaluable part of my professional growth.

Olivia Foster

Yet another fantastic session was delivered by Ayad, in collaboration with Aesthetic Intelligence and Merz. The content was exceptionally informative and well-structured, offering valuable take-home learning points. These insights can be readily integrated into practice, enhancing professional skills. Immense gratitude to Merz for facilitating such an enriching and educational experience.

Samuel Bennett

A truly good speaker, offering comprehensive coverage of anatomy and basics, coupled with an in-depth discussion of techniques and approaches to treatments. The presentation was well-structured, particularly in regards to assessment and planning of treatments, reflecting a thorough understanding and respect for the subject matter.

Charlotte Green

Dr. Harb's teaching was excellent, marked by his unique way of simplifying complex concepts and keeping the audience fully engaged. It was particularly impressive to see how effectively treatments could be administered with such a minimal amount of product. His approach is both practical and insightful.

Thomas Clarke

A lovely day enriched with very useful training on advanced techniques and assessment. The discussions were great, fostering a deep understanding of the subject. Additionally, the warm and healthy food provided added a delightful touch to the overall experience, making it both educational and enjoyable.

Emily Wilson

The session was both informative and concise, skillfully covering all the key elements essential for assessing and treating patients. The delivery was extremely engaging, making the complex subject matter easily accessible and understandable. It was an exemplary demonstration of effective teaching.

David Johnson

The lecture was a refreshing experience, combining practicality with clarity in a way that truly resonated with me. The straightforward delivery was exceptional, enabling me to grasp the concepts easily and apply them effectively in my practice. It offered just the right balance of theory and practical application.

Daniel Hughes

It was enlightening to learn about the range of products and their indications for use. Watching and learning from the amazing trainers was an invaluable experience. Their expertise and teaching methods were not only informative but also inspiring, offering practical insights that are directly applicable in practice.

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